Architect, C.G. Humphreys

An architect known to have designed at least five houses in the West End is C. Gilbert Humphreys. Humphreys was born in London, graduated from Cornell University, studied art in Paris, and then returned to New York to work with architects George B. Post and Bradford L. Gilbert. He worked in New York until 1914 when he came to Winston-Salem.

Humphreys designed the Colonial Revival / Craftsman style residence of J. J. Gentry (48), on Spring Street, as well as the  West End homes of Dr. Wingate M. Johnson  (101), Norman Stockton (373), Thomas Maslin (357), and Mrs. Marion C. Thompson (337). In addition, the Colonial Revival residence of C. M. Thomas (305) on Brookstown features the overhanging eaves and fine interior detailing characteristic of Humphreys’ work and may have been designed by him.