The West End Association exists to:Grace Park Gazeebo on Canvas

  • Represent the residents of the West End in all matters that pertain to the continuing┬áhealth and well-being of the West End as a residential environment.
  • Increase public awareness and participation in the conservation of the housing resources of the neighborhood and to encourage improvements to property.
  • Encourage education on the benefits of housing rehabilitation, and to maintain the neighborhood as a housing resource for the downtown area.
  • Act as a liaison between the neighborhood and businesses bordering or affecting the residential character of the area.
  • Advocate neighborhood concern for good design and complementary planning with city planners, developers and individuals undertaking new construction, maintenance, renovation and rehabilitation.
  • Provide promotional, educational and research materials on new construction, maintenance, renovation and rehabilitation efforts in the neighborhood.
  • Maintain and improve parks, public works and services in the area.
  • Promote concern for the quality of housing available to tenants in the area.
  • Sponsor neighborhood meetings, cultural and civic events, and presentations which will improve the quality of life, educate the residents, or further other goals of the Association.


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