73. Blumenthal-Goodman House (FY 914)

234 West End Boulevard (relocated structure)
Contributing, ca. 1900

The Blumenthal-Goodman House is a well-preserved vernacular Queen Anne house. The two-story weatherboarded frame dwelling has a gabled and hipped roof, with the flush sheathed front gable having a gable peak ornamentation; sixteen-over-two sash windows; a front porch with turned posts, a turned balustrade, and sawnwork brackets; and a decorative entrance with a stained glass and wood paneled door and a transom.

1918 City Directory, p 12
1918 City Directory, p 12

The house was originally located at 714 Buxton Street, just outside the district. It was first listed in the 1902 city directory, and there were several occupants until 1918, when Maurice H. and Rose Blumenthal and Morris Goodman were first listed. Both Blumenthal and Goodman were associated with the Washington Cash & Credit House. Blumenthal and Goodman owned the house from 1916 to 1935, though they continued to live there until at least 1939.

When the preservation of the house was threatened by adjacent industrial expansion and other incompatible developments, the house was moved in 1977 to its present location by Jones C. and Martha Abernethy. At its present site, the house filled unattractive vacant land and was once again able to complement and be complemented by its architectural surroundings. (CD, TR, SH)
Behind the house is a noncontributing1980’s one-car weatherboarded frame garage/storage building with a gable roof.

 73.11917 Sanborn Map, page 86 at 714 Buxton