72. Samuel B. Knight House (FY 1573)

230 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1917

The Knight House is a one-story frame bungalow with wood shingled gables and front dormer and a long porch across two-thirds of the facade with tapered wood posts set on brick plinths. In recent years the weatherboarding was sheathed with aluminum siding, but this change has had minimal effect on the integrity of the house. Like many of the houses in the West End, this one is complemented by a granite retaining wall which curves inward to border the granite steps of the front walk.

The house appears on the 1917 Sanborn Map, and the first owner-occupant, not recorded in the tax records until 1919, was Samuel B. Knight, a painting contractor. The Knights retained ownership until 1962. (SH, TR, CD)

Behind the house is a noncontributing one-car garage/shed with vertical board siding and a shed roof which appears to date from mid-century.

72.11917 Sanborn Map, page 86 at “222-228” West End