56. Thomas J. Wilson House (FY 910)

644 N. Spring Street
Contributing, ca. 1901

The Wilson House is one of a group of Queen Anne cottages in the West End. The one-story weatherboarded frame house is characterized by a steep hip roof with a small front shed dormer, brick chimneys with decorative caps, a left front octagonal bay, an engaged front porch with turned posts, sawnwork brackets and a plain balustrade, and a handsome glass and wood paneled Colonial Revival front door.

The crica 1901 house had two brief occupants (John A. Miller and J, s. Easley) prior to 1909, but between that year and 1946, the house was owned and occupied by the Thomas J. Wilson family. He was district agent for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company as well as a justice of the peace and a notary. (CD, TR, SH)

Behind the house is a contributing weatherboarded servant’s house with a pyramidal roof and a side shed room. It appears to have been built prior to 1930.

56.11917 Sanborn Map, page 86 at “650” N. Spring