557. Arthur S. Cassel House (FY 1972)

557. Arthur S. Cassel House (FY 1972)
123 S. Sunset Drive
Contributing, 1917

Even though the Cassel House was sheathed with aluminum siding in recent years, it remains a good representative example of a basic bungalow house type. The one-and-a-half-story frame dwelling has broad gable roofs for the main body, the front dormer, and the facade porch, all of which have widely overhanging braced eaves. The front porch features square Tuscan posts on stuccoed plinths and a plain balustrade, Typical of the West End, the front yard has a stone retaining wall and steep stone steps. =


The 1917 Sanborn Map depicts this house, and it is first listed in the city directories in 1918 as the residence of pharmacist Arthur S. Cassel and his wife, Alice. They occupied the house through at least 1925, and in 1927 W. T. Shaffner acquired the property. He used it as a rental house until selling it in 1940. (SM, CD, TR)

Garage, Noncontributing: Behind the house is a concrete block and frame one-car garage with a gable roof. The original part may have been built prior to 1930, but the present appearance postdates 1930.