555. Martin-Wilson-Mayberry House (FY 1970)

555. Martin-Wilson-Mayberry House (FY 1970)
115 S. Sunset Drive
Contributing, 1928

This “Dutch” Colonial Revival house typically has a gambrel roof, but is unusual in that the gambrel end, with its central chimney, faces the street. Long shed dormers line either side of the roof. Other features of the brick veneer and weatherboarded house include six-over-one sash windows and an entrance with a round-arched hood. A steep flight of stone steps leads up the front yard to the house.


The first city directory listing for the house was in 1928, when it was the residence of Ernest R. Martin, a piano tuner, and his wife, Catherine. In 1945 Myrtle Wilson acquired the property for his residence, and he owned it until 1958. In 1963 the house was purchased by its present owners, T.J. and B.Y. Mayberry. (CD, TR, I-T.J. Mayberry)

Garage/apartment, Noncontributing: Behind the house is a two-story brick veneer apartment, whose first floor was originally a garage. The building appears to have taken its present form after 1940.