533. Miller-Hancock House (FY 1948)
1124 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1915

This Colonial Revival cottage is a one-and-a-half-story weatherboarded frame house with a clipped gable roof. It features a hipped front dormer, a glass and wood paneled entrance with sidelights, a facade porch with Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade, steep wooden steps to the porch, and a high brick porch foundation with large south-facing windows. Like many of the houses on the street, it has a stone retaining wall bordering the front yard and stone front steps.


Mary Eva Miller purchased the property in 1910, and the 1917 Sanborn Map shows that the house had been built by that time. The 1918 city directory, the first to cover this area of West End Boulevard, lists Paul L. Miller, a contractor, and his wife, Eva, as residing at this location. They occupied the house through 1935 and sold it to Thomas W. and Alice B. Hancock in 1941. The Hancocks occupied the house at least until 1975, and the family retains ownership of the property, although it is now used for rental purposes. (TR, CD, SH)