511. Stanton House (FY 1926)

511. Stanton House (FY 1926)
1008 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1914

Set prominently on a small terraced lot overlooking West End Boulevard and W. First Street, this typical Colonial Revival dwelling is stately although simple in detail. The two-story frame house has a low hip roof with widely overhanging eaves, shed dormers, one-over-one and nine-over-one sash windows, a glass and wood paneled entrance, and a wrap-around porch with paneled Classical posts and a plain balustrade. The house has been sheathed with aluminum siding, but this has had little adverse effect on its overall integrity. Like so many houses in the West End, it has a stone retaining wall by the sidewalk and curved stone steps leading to the house.


Lou K. Stanton, a milliner and the wife of Julius P. Stanton, acquired the property in 1912 and by 1915 was listed in the city directory at this location. Members of the Stanton family occupied the house until 1950, when it was sold to Robert B. and Elsie Sutton. (TR, CD, SM)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a one-car brick garage of undetermined date with a pyramidal roof and an added carport-like shed in front.