501. Louis Reznick House (FY 1917)
130-132 Piedmont Avenue
Contributing, 1930

The Reznick House is a simple but nicely detailed pebbledash dwelling. The two­story house has a gable-on-hip roof, grouped bungalow style windows, a glass panel corner entrance with matching transom and a Tudor-arched hood, and a double tier of engaged corner porches with tapered wood posts and pebbledash balustrades. Wood stairs have been added to the north side of the house and a deck to the rear, but these have not adversely affected the overall character of the house.


Louis Reznick, associated with the Dixie Loan office, first listed the property for taxes in 1930, and the following year he and his wife, Esther, were listed in the city directory at this location. After many years of occupancy, they sold the house in 1969 to Donald J. Wilson, who used it as rental property. It is now an apartment building with a gravel parking area on the north side. (TR, CD)