499. Wallace-Sosnik-Sharp House (FY 1915)
118 Piedmont Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1916

The Wallace-Sosnik-Sharp House is another example of one of the classic bungalow forms found in the West End. The one-and-a-half-story house has a pebbledash first story and a wood shingled upper story. The broad gable roof is unusual in that there are no overhanging eaves (possibly an alteration) and that the rear slope is slightly recessed on either side to differentiate a rear shed and porch. Other features include a large gabled front dormer with widely overhanging braced eaves, a glass panel entrance with sidelights, and an engaged porch with brick posts and a solid pebbledash balustrade.


The house was first listed in the 1916 city directory as the residence of attorney Johnathan C. Wallace and his wife, Mamie, who occupied the house for several years. Tax listings for the property started in 1924 with Isaac and Esther Sosnik, who owned and occupied the house until the 1930’s. In 1937 tobacco buyer June D. Sharp and his wife, Vista, purchased the house and remained owner-occupants until 1970. (CD, TR, SH)