495. Powell House (FY 1911)
147 Piedmont Ave,
Contributing, ca. 1915
This large bungalow is very similar to the one at 914 West End Boulevard (383). It is a one-and-a-half-story weatherboarded dwelling with a steep gable roof and wood shingles covering the gable peaks, the front shed-roofed wall dormer, and the balustrade of the upper story deck. Among the other notable features are the brick­ paneled front chimney, the Craftsman door with nine-over-one sash window “sidelights”, and the engaged front porch with paneled Classical posts and plain balustrade which extends a full bay beyond the southeast side of the house.


This location was first listed in the city directories in 1916 as the residence of H. E. and Grace Lineback, but there were different occupants listed in the 1918 and 1920 directories. Around 1920 Florence Powell purchased the property, and she and her husband, Charles, were listed at this address in the 1921 directory. Charles Powell was a foreman for the J. H. Shipley Harness-works. The Powell family lived here at least through the 1930’s, and retained ownership until 1964. (CD, TR, SH)