471. Roush House (FY 1892)

471. Roush House (FY 1892)
1308 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1921

The Roush House is a large bungalow typical of many built in the West End during the 1910’s and 1920’s. The one-and-a-half-story house has a weatherboarded first story, a coursed wood shingle upper story, a broad gable roof with overhanging braced eaves, a matching front dormer, and a front porch which extends beyond the south side of the house and has a broad gable roof and paired wood posts on brick plinths. Although the porch has been enclosed, probably post 1950, its original detailing remains visible and thus the overall architectural character of the house still makes a positive contribution to the West End.


The house appears to have been used primarily as rental property through the years. It was first listed in the city directories in 1921 as the residence of C.W. and Hattie Shuff, but the first known owner-occupants were members of the Louis and Rose Roush family who owned the house 1937-1959. (CD, TR)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a one-car brick garage with a hip roof which appears to be contemporary with the house.