46. Dr. Robert H. Jones House (FY 907)

643 N. Spring Street
Contributing, ca. 1893

The Jones House is not only one of the oldest houses in the West End, but is also one of the most architecturally intact from its period. It is a two-story weatherboarded frame house with a left front projecting bay and a gabled roof. Fanciful ornamentation is achieved through bracketed eaves; gables with wood shingles, a sawnwork kingpost, and a patterned wood frieze; and a front porch with turned posts and balustrade and sawnwork brackets. The house also retains its louvered window shutters and its double-leaf glass and wood paneled entrance with transom and applied and incised decoration.

Dr. R.H. Jones is listed at this location in 1894/95, and he remained here until at least 1910. The T.D. Newton family owned and occupied the house from 1925 to 1945. (BEV, CD, TR, SM)

46.11917 Sanborn Map, page 86 at 643 N. Spring