431. Stockton-Pollard-DeHart House (FY 1855)
1229 W. First Street
Contributing, ca. 1925

This Colonial Revival house was obviously built from the same plan, with only minor differences in detail, as the circa 1923 Glenn-Hunt House at 814 Carolina Avenue  (242) . It is a two-story weatherboarded house, two bays wide, With a gable roof With modillioned cornice, an off-center gable end chimney, and a shed-roofed front porch with the same modillioned cornice as on the main roof, paired square posts, and a balustrade with central “star” panels. At the end of the drive next to the house is a brick garage shared with 1223 W. First Street (430).


The first definite listing for the house in the city directories was in 1925, when Ralph H. and Maggie Stockton lived here. He was a department superintendent at B. F. Huntley Furniture Company In 1929 Hugh c. Pollard purchased the house, and he and his wife, Pansy, occupied it for several years. Pollard was secretary-treasurer of the Banner Investment Company Around 1940 Lois G. DeHart purchased the property and resided here until the 1970’s. (CD, TR)