409. House (FY 1836)
134 N. Sunset Drive
Contributing, ca. 1917

This house was one of only three recorded on the 1917 Sanborn Map for N. Sunset Drive. The unusual little bungalow retains the same configuration as depicted on the map. It is a one-story frame dwelling (probably shown as a two-story house on the map because of its full basement story seen immediately past the front yard due to the sharp drop in the land away from the street) with a low hip roof, widely overhanging eaves with exposed rafter ends, a shallow bay window on the south side, and a wrap-around with a nearly flat roof and square posts. The facade has long sixteen-over-one sash windows and a matching glass and wood panel door. The house was sheathed with asbestos shingles in mid-century, but it retains its less-than-typical form and detail. Its history, other than the approximate construction date, has not been determined. (SM)