405. Dr. S. H. Hurdle House (FY 1832)
210 N. Sunset Drive
Contributing, ca. 1923

One of the numerous bungalows built during the 1910’s and 1920’s in the West End, this one-story house is characterized by smooth stuccoed walls, a broad gabled roof, grouped windows, and a right front porch with heavy stuccoed posts and a stuccoed balustrade.The porch has been partially enclosed (date of alteration unknown), but the original fabric appears to remain intact (so that the porch could be easily restored).


The property was first listed for taxes in 1923 by Mrs. Sarah Booe Hurdle, and the following year she and her husband, Dr. Samuel W. Hurdle, were listed in the city directory at this location. He was a physician and the assistant medical director for Security Life and Trust Company. The Hurdles owned the house until 1937. (TR, CD)