387. William S. Shepherd House (FY 977)
903 West End Boulevard / 1300 Forsyth Street)
Contributing, ca. 1915

The Shepherd House is a distinctive two-story pebbledash dwelling of Tudor-Revival influence. Its primary features include clipped gables on the main roof, front dormer, and entrance porch, and casement windows with diamond muntins. The house also has a Craftsman front door with sidelights and a fanlight transom, a front bay window, a south side one-story original wing, and a rear sleeping porch.


Sanborn Maps show a two-story house on the site in 1912, but it does not appear to be the same house as shown on the 1917 map (the present house). This was the property of William S. and Essie Shepherd from 1906 to 1964, and the house was their residence from the time of its construction until 1964. (SH, TR, CD)