364. Outbuilding, Hanes-Hill House (FY 1802)

Between 1001 & 1101 W. Fourth S
Contributing, circa 1910, circa 1920’s

A one-story dwelling, probably a servant’s house, appears on the 1912 and 1917 Sanborn Maps. It was an outbuilding associated with the 1910 house built by John H. Hanes which was sold to Charles G. Hill around 1925 and torn down in 1950 (or perhaps in 1963). The site was originally occupied by the 1892 Hotel Zinzendorf. The structure shown on the early maps was probably enlarged in the 1920’s during the Hill ownership. The original part appears to have been the one-story brick section with a gable-on-hip roof and an enclosed shed porch. To it is appended a two-story (because of the slope of the land) weatherboarded section with rooms above former garage stalls and a slate roof. The building is now used by the law firm that owns the property.

See also inventory item 365.