355. Lawrence-Snavely House (FY 1799)

355. Lawrence-Snavely House (FY 1799)
1092 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1920

Stark simplicity is the distinguishing feature of this Colonial Revival dwelling. It is a two-story stuccoed house with a steep gable roof whose eaves project across front and rear only, an interior end chimney, a narrow three-bay facade, and a front porch–which extends on the west side to form a porte-cochere, with Classical posts on a solid balustrade. In the late 1970’s the front porch was glass enclosed with lattice-like muntins, but this alteration has not significantly diminished the architectural integrity of the house.


Charles S. Lawrence, a general surgeon and president of the Lawrence Clinic, purchased the property in 1917, but he and his wife, Alice, were not listed at this location in the city directories until 1921. They occupied the house until ca. 1930. From 1943 to 1977 the house was owned and occupied by the Elmer D. and Maude Snavely family. (TR, CD)

Garage/apartment, Contributing: At the rear end of the driveway stands a stuccoed garage with an apartment on the upper floor. It matches the house stylistically and is probably contemporary with it.