346. Shugart-Bennett House (FY 1789)
1412 Glade Street
Contributing, ca. 1920

This handsome bungalow is typical of its period and shares characteristics with many bungalows in the West End. The one-and-a-half-story frame house is completely sheathed in coursed wood shingles. It has a broad gable roof with overhanging braced eaves, a matching front dormer, and a front porch with a broad gable roof, tapered wood posts on shingled plinths, and a plain balustrade.


Edward Green Shugart, who was associated with the Orange Crush Bottling Company, purchased the property in 1917, but he and his wife, Adeline, were not listed here in the city directories until 1922. By 1935 Aroas and Amy Bennett were occupying the house, and it remained in their family ownership and occupancy until 1972. (TR, CD)