315. Parrish-McDermott House (FY 1766)

315. Parrish-McDermott House (FY 1766)
1412 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, 1916

The Parrish-McDermott House is a one-and-a-half-story weatherboarded frame bungalow with a narrow but deep configuration. It has a broad gable roof with deep cornice returns, an engaged front porch with Craftsman-detailed square posts and a Craftsman door, and a rear sleeping porch. Unusual features include the chimney with exposed face on the front porch and the wood shingled front wall dormer with a shingled parapet roof. Fred M. and Inez H. Parrish purchased the property in 1916 and built their house immediately thereafter. He was an attorney.


The Parrishes sold the house in 1928 and for some years thereafter it served as rental property. In 1944 Margaret McDermott, a teacher at nearby R. J, Reynolds High School, bought the house and it remains her family residence. (TR, CD, SH)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a one-car stuccoed garage with a flat roof which appears to have been built prior to 1930.