310. Rawlings-Lupo House (FY 950)

310. Rawlings-Lupo House (FY 950)
1413 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1924

This little-altered pebbledash bungalow is a one-and-a-half-story dwelling with a steep gable roof with overhanging braced eaves, a matching front dormer, shallow bay windows with pergola-influenced extended rafters, six-over-one sash windows, Craftsman doors, and a gabled front corner porch and matching northwest side porte-cochere with square posts on battered plinths.


The house was depicted on the 1924 Sanborn Map, but the first tax listing was not until 1926 with Eva Tise Rawlings, The same year she and her husband, Clarence, were listed in the city directory at this location. In 1931 Rawlings was an employee of Chatham Blanket Mfg. Company, and in 1934 he was vice-president of the Robert E. Lee Billiards and secretary of the Zinzendorf Laundry. In 1943 the property was sold to A. Paul Lupo, and the Lupo family occupied the house and retained ownership until 1978, (SM, TR, CD)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a hip-roofed, stuccoed garage which appears to be contemporary with the house.