307. Veach-Glenn House (FY 1759)
1401 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1910

This two-story house was originally a frame structure with a hipped roof and dormer, slightly projecting left front and right side bays, and a wrap-around porch with Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade. Probably during the second quarter of the twentieth century when the house was converted to apartments, the south corner of the porch was enclosed, a room was filled in above it, and the whole house was brick veneered. Even though these carefully-wrought changes have altered the original appearance of the house, most of the early twentieth century primary features remain clearly evident, and the house continues to contribute to the overall architectural character of the West End.


The Sanborn Maps show that the house had been built by 1912, but the first certain city directory listing was for Issac H. and Hettie Veach in 1915 and 1916. They were owners of the Veach Cafe. Emmanuel G. Glenn purchased the property in 1916 (the first tax listing), and he and his wife, Florence, occupied it until 1928. Since then the house has been used as rental property and has been listed as apartments since 1950. (SH, CD, TR)