302. O’Neal-Morris House (FY 1755)
1307 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, circa 1924

This well-preserved bungalow is a good example of its type. It is a one-and-a- half-story stuccoed house with a broad gable roof with widely overhanging braced eaves, a matching front dormer, and a matching front porch with paneled posts and a plain balustrade. From 1925 to 1936 Alan s. and Ruth A. O’Neal owned and occupied the house. For the next several years Rex and Bessie Gass owned the house and lived here, but in 1942 Hary G. (Gass?) Horris purchased the property and she and her husband, George, and their family occupied the house. It remained in Horris ownership until 1983. (SH, TR, CD)