28. Apartment Building (FY 1546)

72 West End Boulevard
Contributing, 1920’s

This Mediterranean style apartment building is one of the most handsome of the early apartments in the West End. The two-story building is characterized by white stucco walls interrupted by paired windows, a green tile pent eave at the roofline with a shaped parapet above and groups of scrolled brackets decorating the soffit, and a round-arched balconied window above the central entrance. Contributing to the significance of this property are the granite retaining wall separating the elevated yard from the sidewalk and the three flights of curved granite steps which lead from the street corner to the building.

The apartment building may have been erected by E. Wright Noble, who owned the property between 1923-1933 and lived next door. (D, TR, SM)

Shenandoah Apartments, 1925