254. Claytie C. Harper House (FY 1711)
914 Carolina Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1920

The Harper House is a typical West End bungalow whose landscaping enhances its well-preserved character. It is a one-and-a-half-story weatherboarded frame dwelling with a broad gable roof, widely overhanging braced eaves, a front shed dormer, and an engaged front porch with square posts on brick plinths and a plain balustrade. The terraced front yard has the granite retaining wall and steps so often in the West End.


Martin V. Williams was the first owner, but it appears that he used the house as rental property. In 1945 the property was sold to Claytie C. Harper, a secretary with the Veterans Administration. She occupied the house and retained ownership until 1963. (SH, TR, CD)