234. House (FY 1694)

234. House (FY 1694)
512 Jersey Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1923

This four-square Colonial Revival house is a two-story frame structure with weatherboard siding, a pyramidal roof with overhanging bracketed eaves, a one-story NE side wing, a front terrace, and a Classical entrance porch with Tuscan columns and a full, pedimented entablature. The house has a terraced front yard and a stone retaining wall. The house was first listed in the 1924 city directory, and for much of its history has served as rental property.


Robert M, and Ruth Watson lived in the house during at least part of their ownership (1944-1954), and Reed Johnston lived in the house in the 1950’s during Johnston family ownership (1954-1973). (SM, TR, CD)

Storage building, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a metal-sheathed frame storage building of undetermined date.