230. H.F. Snow House (FY 1690)

230. H.F. Snow House (FY 1690)
605 Jersey Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1922

This well-preserved bungalow remained in the same family for over fifty years. It is a one-story rambling dwelling with weatherboard siding, multiple wood shingled gables with overhanging braced eaves, and granite accents (chimney, porch plinths, and foundation/basement). The front porch extends beyond the south side of the house and features the typical tapered wood posts on stone plinths connected by a plain balustrade.


In 1920 H. Francis and Myrtle Snow purchased the property, and by 1924 they were residing in the house which remained theirs until 1975. Snow was a conductor for the Southern Railway. (TR, CD, SH)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a weatherboarded frame garage with a pyramidal roof which appears contemporary with the house