216. Thomas L. Hubbard House (FY 1676)
710 Manley Street
Contributing, 1923

The Hubbard House is a two-story stuccoed dwelling with right front and left side gables, a front wall dormer, and front entrance and south side porches with paneled wood posts. A modern (post 1950) shed addition projects from the rear of the house. It is interesting by itself, but relates little to the original house. Nevertheless, because it can barely be seen from the street, it does little to diminish the overall architectural integrity of the house.


Thomas L. and Alma Hubbard purchased the property in 1923 and built the house immediately thereafter. He was an employee of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The Hubbards retained ownership until 1944, after which the house had a long series of owners. (TR, CD, SH)