214. J. Harry White House (FY 1674)

214. J. Harry White House (FY 1674)
717 Manly Street
Contributing, 1929

The White House was the last dwelling to be built on Manly Street It is a one-and-a-half-story brick veneer bungalow with a broad clipped gable roof. The front porch has brick posts and a solid brick balustrade, and the clipped gables of the porch and the north side sun room are detailed with mock half-timbering. A high stone retaining wall borders the West End Boulevard side of the property.


The house was built for J. Harry White, an employee of the Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company (OS)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a corrugated metal garage with a gable roof, built ca. 1980.