137. Dunstan-McNair House (FY 986)

749 Summit Street
Contributing, ca. 1914

This one-story pebbledash cottage is typical of the smaller-scale houses built in the West End during the early twentieth century. It retains late Victorian massing while introducing Colonial Revival detailing. Front and side gables intersect the steep pyramidal roof, while the wrap-around porch features Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade.

R. L. Dunstan, superintendent of the cigarette department at R. J, Reynolds Tobacco Company, and his wife, Maude, were the first residents listed at this location in the city directory (1915). F.E. Vogler owned the property during the early 1920’s. Grover c. McNair bought the house in 1925, and it remains in family McNair ownership. (SM, CD, TR)

1917 Sanborn Map, p 85 at 749 Summit Street