Improper Satellite Dishes in West End

Before you decide to “Get Rid of Cable” as the current advertising campaign of one satellite TV provider urges, be sure you inform the person installing the dish that the location selected MUST be in an area of LOW VISIBILITY from the street.

The West End Historic Overlay District Design Review Guidelines state that the “West End Historic Overlay District was created to protect the unique character of the West End Neigh- borhood” and to preserve “architecturally and/or historically significant structures and features within the District.” Routine maintenance does not require prior approval of the Historic Resource Commission (HRC) unless it will change the exterior apperance of a property. “Installation of mechanical equipment, such as heating and air-conditioning units, and television or satellite systems which are completely screened from view with shrubbery or located in areas of low visibility” is considered “routine maintenance.” These rules apply to ALL properties in the Dis- trict, whether or not they are contributing historical properties.

Many of the contractors who install satellite services apparently are not aware of, or choose to ignore, the guidelines in effect for dish placement. They will often say that the dish can only be placed in a spot that is inappropriate by our Guidelines. If you choose satellite service at your West End home the satellite dish must be installed in a location that is screened from view.

INSIST that the satellite company con- tractor find a location that is not easily visible from the street or that is hidden behind appropriate shrubbery. If your dish is easily visible from the street the Historic Resource Commission will re- quire you to move it or screen it from view if it comes to their attention. Sever- al property owners have recently been required to relocate previously installed satellite dishes that were installed inap- propriately.

Improperly installed satellite dishes should be reported to the staff of the Historic Resource Commission at 336- 747-7054. You can find a copy of the Guidelines at this link: planning/publications-and-maps/publications

by Mark Lively, Edited from version previously published in The West Ender, March 2014