Homes Tour Volunteers Needed

Final preparations are underway for the 2014 West End Holiday Homes tour. This year’s tour is coming together nicely with nine homes and business- es agreeing to participate. Volunteers are needed to support the event. The Tour is held every two years in selected historic homes of the West End neigh- borhood. It is the largest fundraiser for the West End Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and benefit of our historic neigh- borhood. Proceeds from the Tour fund many West End projects including our annual Easter Egg hunt, July 4th picnic, Fall Social at the Children’s Home Farm, and many other activities that benefit the West End neighborhood.

House Docents

Bill and Jeff Brewer-Zilner are the volunteer coordinators for the tour and they are ready to begin scheduling docents. As is customary, we will be staffing the tour locations with neighborhood volunteer docents. Many of you have served as docents in the past, and we appreciate your continued participation. Serving as a tour docent is a terrific way for new residents to meet their neigh- bors and help out with the West End Neighborhood’s largest event.

There will be two docent shifts on Sunday, December 14th. The first is from 11:45 to 2:30, the second from 2:15 to 5:00. Feel free to contact Jeff ( to volunteer or with any questions you may have. If you would like to volunteer, please email me with your preference as to shift and location, and include your phone number.

Shuttle Drivers

We also need drivers who have cars or vans large enough to help transport visitors who may be unable to walk very far from house to house throughout the day. Please contact Mark Lively ( or 336-577-7501) if you can drive.


Volunteers are invited to the attend the volunteer party after the tour.

Please email Jeff ( or Mark (

to request your preference for shift and location. Include your phone number so we can contact you.