Grace Park Gazeebo on CanvasJoin Us!

Membership dues for 2016 are only $20 per household!  You can pay online at  or by mail: West End Association, PO Box 21054, Winston-Salem, NC 27120-1054.  Or better yet, come to a meeting and see what we are all about!

The West End uses these memberships funds and money raised through our Home Tour to beautify the neighborhood (i.e. WE signs), to provide newsletters which share neighborhood news, to advocate for our Historic Overlay in front of various planning boards, to keep Hanes Park useful and beautiful and to respond to various issues that arise nearly every month.  Each month we hold a Board meeting at the YMCA to discuss various issues and to pursue the purposes of our Association. The West End is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in N.C. and was founded originally in the late ‘60s to prevent a highway from going through Hanes Park.  Visit our web page at: